mca / roc periodical compliance

Corporate Compliance

Corporate Compliance generally refer to the periodical compliances related to MCA/ROC requirements for Private limited company, Limited Liability Partnership and foreign company branch & liaison office. The word compliance can be defined as the act of adhering to or conforming to applicable law & regulation. In a business environment, conforming to the laws, regulations, rules and policies is the part of business operations often referred to as "Corporate Compliance." Corporate law today is a complex piece of legislation that governs the activities of not only domestic companies but also that of foreign companies setting up shop in India. At every step, corporates have to comply with the plethora of provisions contained in legislations such as Companies Act, FEMA Compliances, SEBI Regulations, etc. Corporate compliance involves keeping a watchful eye on an ever-changing applicable legal and regulatory climate so that the same can be complied. In a broader sense, corporate compliance extends beyond mere legal and regulatory conformity into the realm of promoting organizational ethics and corporate integrity.

We at SPARKS strongly believe that regular corporate compliance not only help in achieving the periodical regulatory compliance but also boost the confidence of its customers, vendors and investors in the organisation. We not only provide advice on ensuring periodical MCA compliance but also provide secretarial support throughout the year.

MCA/ROC Compliance:

MCA/ROC Compliance is periodical requirements for a private limited company or Limited Liability Partnership for filing various periodical forms at different due dates. The organisations also required to update their company / LLP legal structure time and again. Such updation in the legal form is done as per the set procedure prescribed by MCA like for Registered office change, Name change etc. Failure or delay in compliance leads to notices, interest & penalty. We at SPARKS & Associates offer following Annual compliance for Private limited company, Limited Liability Partnership and foreign company branch & liaison office:.

(a) Preparation of Accounts.
(b) Filing of Annual MCA return.
(c) Directors Report.
(d) Partnership.
(e) Necessary Board Resolutions.
(f) Filing of Annual Income tax return.
(g) Name Change.
(h) Registered Office Change.
(i) Increase Authorized Capital.
(j) Share Transfer.
(k) MOA Amendment.
(l) AOA Amendment.
(m) Add Directors.
(n) Remove Directors.
(o) Add Partner.
(p) Remove Partner.
(q) Certified Copies of Documents.
(r) Winding Up of Company.
(s) Winding Up of LLP.

Why do organisations have compliance programs?

Business/Corporate Compliance programs, help an organisation to achieve the followings:.

(a) Make it easier for your business to comply with the applicable legislative requirements.
(b) Saves organisations from non-compliance cost.
(c) Boost confidence of your customers, vendors, investors and governing bodies.
(d) It makes good business sense to have a well-defined corporate compliance program in place.
(e) It makes it easier for your staff to discharge their job as per prescribed standards and procedures and to know and understand the company’s legal requirements.

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